Our wonderful staff has worked with dementia clients in various residential and clinical settings. We know that the memory loss related to dementia can affect each client differently, but our caregivers will provide care that is sensitive to each client’s needs. Families and their loved ones dealing with effects of dementia can be confident that they will receive consideration, patience and understanding.

Dorothy’s Unspoken Words
By: Great niece Kelly Holmes

Even though I could not speak
You were still there for me.
Even though I could not speak
You still guided me;
Carefully, gracefully, lovingly .
Even though I could not speak
You still loved me.
You still cherished me.
You still believed in me.
You took me under your wings and helped me blossom, you helped me smile.
Even though I could not speak
The memories of you will always remain dear to me,
As I ascend into the bright sky, living amongst these clouds of angels
I will tell them about the women who took care of me
I will tell them how they gave me a voice to be heard
Dorothy Samuels, Eltheda Swann, Arlene Danne and All the Best Care Assisted Living of Pikesville, MD
Though I could not speak then
Now I can
Thank you for your service, patience , dedication , and unconditional love.


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