Amy Walters

Over the past couple of years, my elderly mother was in a downward spiral, weighing less than 90 pounds, diagnosed with dementia and had balance issues. She lived independently on her own for more than 20 years after my father passed away. Mom had no siblings and was younger than most of her friends, most of whom are now deceased. She was always emphatic that she would never be placed in a nursing home and was adamant that assisted living facilities would never be subject for discussion.

Mom’s care has been my responsibility. I have an older sister who lives in another state and visits once a year. For several years, I have reading books on dealing with aging parents hoping to find an answer. Like many baby boomers, I work full-time in a demanding job. Watching over my mother’s care was overwhelming. I was constantly worried that she would fall or overdose on her medication because she refused to use a pill box. Then there was the issue of her driving and my fear that we would be dealing with an injury to her or a wrongful death suit. I was basically alone in determining what was best for my mother.

Things changed when I learned of a few episodes where she was behaving erratically. While at the beach, she fell during the night and fractured her dominant shoulder. I asked her doctor for help and he recommended All The Best Care, LLC. Her own doctor, Dr. Barry Josephs used Arlene for his father who was a pediatrician. You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

Arlene Harris is absolutely incredible and sensitive to all issues which are very common among elderly and knows how to handle even the most difficult personality. She understands my mother’s anxiety level. In a few short months, she gained 10 pounds, looks better than she had in years and there is a spark that I never thought I’d see again. Before Arlene came into the picture, I thought that I start preparing myself for the worst. Arlene and another aide took Mom back to the beach and we joined them. What a difference since the last time we were there. Now Mom is talking about spending more time there this Summer.

You can read countless books and run numerous Internet searches, but unless you find someone as accomplished as Arlene you hit a dead end. Over the last few years, we had experience with two other agencies without any success and were faced with the prospect of whether Mom could remain in her home.

Bottom line: when you can’t physically be there, you need the assurance that your parent is truly getting All The Best Care, LLC.