Robin Shane, LCSW

As a medical social worker in the field of hospice for more than 10 years I have had many opportunities to meet caring and

committed professionals whose mission it is to serve whose lives are at the end of life. Arlene Harris exemplifies this mission

of care. I met Arlene years ago while working for a hospice organization. She provided hands on care to people diagnosed

with a terminal illness and made strong connections with their families. Her reputation for excellence was soon well noted in

the community that she served. Soon after I met her, we became fast friends, confidants and colleagues. Social work requires

the need to provide resources for families and patients. Arlene became my primary resource for providing care to patients and

families. As two friends who have been on this hospice journey together, Arlene has always reflected the highest values of care

and commitment to those people whose life she has helped to serve. I consider her not only a dear friend, but a person that is

committed to the dignity and service of others.